Will Artificial Intelligence save us in Covid’19 crisis?

With the Covid’19 pandemic wreaking havoc globally, artificial intelligence has been identified by some experts as a viable option to restrict the spread of the virus. Through the use of these intelligent machines, we have since long managed to augment the human capabilities and improved the quality of living. However, can the same intelligence machines be relied upon to bring a potential end to this epidemic?

Let’s find out!

AI has the potential to lead us away from Covid’19 crisis

When the news about Bluedot’s success in warning people about the likelihood of an outbreak of an epidemic with global reach using an AI-based algorithm made its headlines, the question about the efficiency of employing the same technology to save us from the crisis as well was raised.

So, the role of artificial intelligence in restricting the spread of viruses was studied and made use of in order to identify those people who were most susceptible to the disease. This prediction was made possible by employing the ability of AI to sift through huge volumes of data reserves, including the travel history and previous illness records of people. The same tools are being used to study the trends of coronavirus patients to mark those out who might be needing intensive care in the hospital environment.

Moreover, amidst the health and economic crisis, the world has set its eyes on scientists and researchers to come up with an effective vaccine to save us all from the pandemic, before the virus manages to eradicate half of the world’s population.

While the development of vaccines can take many years to perfect, artificial intelligence has already stepped into the war-zone to hasten the process. Making use of sophisticated algorithms that can quickly go through an exhaustive list of trial candidates as well as various available drugs, AI identifies and shortlists those that can prove to be most useful in fighting the disease.

Where robots and artificial machines have been sighted carrying out various roles otherwise fulfilled by humans, such as the sanitising of health care facilities or distribution of food to the coronavirus victims, some experts also suggest it a little too soon to identify AI as a potential saviour of the human race.

AI’s role in potential coronavirus eradication might be overrated

Strong warnings have been issued by learned people including Alex Engler regarding the dangers of creating invalidated hype in our haste to come up with a trustworthy solution regarding the role of AI in the eradication coronavirus.

Alex argues that the algorithms that are being used, for example, those that determine the survival chances of Covid’19 patients, are in fact subject to subtle biases, and the results, therefore, can be highly misleading. Being dependent on information from these biased sources that overlook signals previously unaccounted for, can ultimately cause problems instead of solving them.

It is suggested, however, that AI indeed has the potential to save the human race from this epidemic, however, the technology needs a great deal more sophistication in order for its potential to be fully reaped.