Why Using Facebook Business Manager Is Beneficial For You

We’ve all heard of Facebook. Most of us use it too. It’s no new fact either that Facebook can be used to aid your business and perform some efficient online marketing for it too.

If you are a business owner or creator and you are one of the 1.69 billion Facebook users around the world, you may want to consider benefitting from this ageless tool.

And by ageless tool I don't just mean Facebook.

We’re here today to talk about Facebook Business Manager.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Regardless of if you are new to facebook marketing or not, it doesn't hurt to take a step back and learn what Facebook Business Manager is.

It is basically a tool that enables businesses to manage their Social Media marketing via their facebook pages, Ad accounts, business assets, as well as Instagram accounts, product catalogs and ads efficiently all in one place together.

Facebook it self describes it as

“Business Manager serves as a one-stop-shop to manage business tools, business assets, and employee access to these assets.”

So basically, it is a free tool that enables you to maximise your output and result from a lesser amount of efforts in advertising and marketing while also maintaining your social media presence as a Brand. By using this tool, you are getting the most out of minimal effort.

It's called smart work, honey.

Look it up.

Sure, you can still manage all your marketing campaigns with a single personal account.

Only if you’re a solo player in your business.

If you employ a team , or are a part of it, managing and addressing all these diverse yet affairs via one or multiple personal accounts would be nothing but a huge hassle and inconvenience. To avoid that one might share a login information to a single ID, however that has security issues of its own.

Facebook Business Manager helps overcome those issues with the utmost amount of productivity and effective results.

Benefits of Facebook Business Manager

It can easily be scaled.

Facebook Business Manager can easily be scaled, which in simpler terms would mean that it can be utilized by both, large agencies and smaller, less man-power run business set ups, either being new or old for a more efficient sketch of marketing strategies planned and aligned against one another.

It helps create and manage several pages or Ads, and helps retain the ownership of these pages to the designated owner despite having constant work on all these linked different assets, ad accounts and poges.

Hence this results in better business collaboration.

Using Facebook Business Manager is less confusing.

The confusion being your personal details and account info, that under all circumstances should never be accidentally swapped out with business related information. It helps in keeping personal and professional files well separated, and does not make sorted through them a hassle. Thus any business or company using Facebook Business Manager need not worry about any such embarrassing and often, dangerous mistakes, about accidentally posting personal information or files.

Despite how ridiculous of an accident that might seem, it is quite likely to happen, and in fact, does happen a considerable amount.

So stay safe and stay privacy-protected with Facebook Business Manager.

With Facebook Business Manager your security is guaranteed

This brings us to another crucial point why using this helpful took is so beneficial for you. It provides the utmost level of security not just for prevention from leaking personal files.

It also securely provides access to business contacts, such as clients, vendors, and partners. That is achieved by the two-factor authentication that this tool utilizes.

It is also responsible for providing business tiered reporting to multiple desired and required accounts as well.

To elaborate a bit more, it means that required files and documents, customised reports such as management reports, dashboards etc are accessible to partners at the same time too.

It makes accountability a standard factor of your organisation

In case of your business or agency consisting of an entire team, even if it is a small one, specially the marketing group, taking into account that every single individual be given a certain level of standing when it comes to Facebook Business Manager in relation to their designation is crucial. This allows you to manage them better at the same time as well.

Despite having a number of employees in a marketing team of an agency, it is very easy to add, remove and otherwise, manage employees from the account.

Designations, Roles and Login access can be granted to each separate employee based on their work and job description while still staying discrete about information that they can and cannot have access to. So again, assigning roles from the main ownership-holding mother account grants business owners yet another tier of privacy and discretion even within the firm.

Quite similar to this concept, certain permissions for viewing and/or editing data and files can be granted to partners as well as per business objectives and needs.

Appropriate and Apt targeting

You can direct your sales even better with more efficient targeting and retargeting of your proficient or already established customers with this tool too. Facebook Business Manager allows for the creation of custom target audiences- yes, audiences and not just audience- for all the different campaigns that an agency or business can be working on side by side long term or simultaneously.

With this tool you can create Parallel advertisements for the same or different campaigns, can conduct A/B testing or split testing and can thus observe and identify the performances of each Advertisements, specifically of how well it did with the target audience and maybe even consumers from other demographic niches.

Hence it might even point out to you if you have prospects of expanding your target audience and/ or creating a new target audience for a different campaign entirely.

To put it all down simply, Facebook Business Manager is one big genius tool for helping your figure out all your audience and navigating a way through finding out what they want from you in terms of content and goods.


While all kinds of companies, agencies and businesses may have their own appropriate and preferred ways of managing their advertising and marketing campaigns, Facebook Business Manager makes most of the marketing work easier, well sorted, organized and simplified.

So when Facebook provides you with a tool this helpful, versatile, reliable and endearing, why not hop onto the bandwagon of facility adoption and start utilizing this awesome device?