Using “Google My Business”

With most of marketing transitioning online within the past year, now in 2021 it can be safely said that competition for organic traffic and paid traffic alike for the same keywords in your niche of business has increased drastically.

But this increase in competition does not put any small company or brand relying solely on SEO for ranking up higher and amassing a considerable audience out of business.

The benefits of search engine optimization for bettering your marketing strategy for your sites, social pages and blogs is the same as ever. The way to do it stays the same as well.

What changes is your approach to it and how effectively you carry it out.

How does the approach change?

Well one might say, the increase in competition should lead marketers and business owners to be a lot more serious within their marketing game, by not sparing any tips and tricks that the Pros give out. It is understandable to skip a few words of advice here and there, but if you were diligent and serious about the marketing landscape, you would make use of every little push and lift you can get or make.

The effectivity of your marketing strategy and customer engagement strategy goes hand in hand with the efficiency of the tools, tips and tricks you plan on employing to make your work a lot easier, faster and yet, more potent

So let's get started on one of these potent tools to help you grow via effective marketing of your brand.

What is Google My Business?

What does a business need the most when it comes to their content and online marketing?

They need visibility.

The marketing and advertising is all in vain if the content that they post on various platforms and their sites or blogs is not visible to their target audience and prospective clients.

Content is king, yes. But a maximized visibility and strategies to build this visibility is what makes it king. Visibility is what connects your audience to your precious and important content.

There are tools and ways to increase visibility, or rather tools that are a must if you need to ensure maximum visibility and legitimacy of your brand and business.

And that tool is Google My Business

Let's take the definition of what this intriguing yet, as we are to find out, not new tool from Google itself;

“Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. To help customers find your business, and to tell them your story, you can verify your business and edit your business information.”

SEO may take some getting used to, so start local if you have not already. And so then, if you just are beginning to get used to your local SEO incorporated strategies within your marketing plan, it would be advisable and smart to focus a good deal of your early efforts on your Google My Business listing.

How it works

That way you gain maximum visibility for your local audience. For businesses that exist and are located physically, it is a point to be noted that the majority of their client base is based locally to that business.

Even more specifically it can be noted that the client base is concentrated as close to the business address as possible.

And that is quite understandable. We as busy individuals look for fulfilling our amenities and needs as close to our residing or working addresses as possible.

So while keeping that in mind it can be understood why having a Google My Business listing is not just preferred but in most cases, essential.

Google shows searches 5 billion searches for “restaurants” every month for its users

Your Google My Business listing is one of the first things customers, and mostly new customers will look on to for your information, or for your product information. The catch or drop is that your listing is where they form their major opinion and perception of your brand before they have a chance to physically visit and experience your customer service, product or selling service.

These new and potential customers do not just form an opinion about what you are selling, but also of the atmosphere your brick-and-mortar business establishment embodies. They will check to see if the vibe resonates with them or not.

Do they like the reviews and ratings other customers have posted about you? And finally, does all this convince them enough to pay you a visit?

Earning trust from the customers

For modern-day customers, given all the past year history of great products being poorly advertised, or poor products being hyped on socials, shipping mishaps and all such instances, it is hard to make purchase decisions when facing such a variety of businesses to go to for the work.

What makes them face this hurdle is the lack of trust and paranoia they feel.

It is quite obvious that a customer aims to make a confident purchase.

So give them what they want!

Creating a Google My Business listing takes this vile paranoia and mistrust away from the customer and audience’s hands, and gives them a sense of profound trust and a clear mind before they proceed to purchasing from you.

Which leads to your customer base increasing mostly because of the legitimacy that you are ensuring to your audience

All this ensured legitimacy is possible because of the thorough process businesses must go through before being listed on Google My Business. Thanks to the multiple verification steps every business, local or international holding multiple branches must complete before they can appear in location searches.

It is through these processes that Google creates a trustworthy environment that customers can fully rely on.


As google’s searches become more robust and efficient, it is important to stay up to date with such factors and essential components to your online existence that help showcase your legitimacy and trustworthiness in order to immediately increase your sales and traffic.