Top Marketing Lessons Marketers Learned in 2020

This challenge-filled year has been evolutionary for every front. The least it has done however is teach everyone something new about themselves and their lives. Everyone has had to change entirely and adapt their professional lives according to the new norms. And then again, it is common knowledge that these new norms are here to stay.

Talking about marketing, it can be safely said that marketers have had to backtrack their strategies, techniques and key points. So let’s hear it from them on how to carry forward the art of effective, beneficial digital marketing 2020 onwards.

The content you create must hold value

An undeniable major factor that leads to effective and successful digital marketing is content. In fact what primarily makes digital marketing possible is solely content.

The saying “Content is King” has turned into a cliche because of how far back it goes, but that ageing still does not change the truth behind the basics of marketing online and attracting a large audience that successfully converts into customers.

People have always taken to the Internet for entertainment and for information. So regarding whichever of the two needs your audience is seeking from, your content needs to deliver.

If it does deliver accordingly, adequately and appropriately, it is considered to be valuable content.

Not everything a user finds on the internet regarding the niche of their concern is beneficial or interesting to them, so knowing your target audience well helps to identify what would make your content valuable, and how to carry that value for more content related projects to come.

According to Alfredo Atanacio, co-founder of Uassist.ME, "Great content will attract your audience to visit your website and some, if not most, will end up requiring service from you at some point, or at least they will have your business as top of mind."

Accepting change instead of fighting it is the way to go

One thing every individual has learned over the course of the past few months is that the entire world is capable of turning upside down within a small amount of time, and yet still the world and it’s happenings roll on.

Life finds a way to work itself out.

Although what can be understood is that a lot of things change in the process.

And by things we may assume people, people’s attitudes towards their own lives, what they demand and how they view things. User demand is a constantly changing criteria for marketing, global crises or no global crises.

So instead of fighting new changes each time they arise, it’s better to accept them, adapt to them and continue to roll on with the rest of the world.

Why? The basic concept narrows down to the fact that fighting change in the market is like fighting the customer itself. Convincing them and forcing them to want what they neither want nor need. And so it is quite obvious that such efforts are futile.

Kevin Leyes who is the founder and CEO of Leyes Media says and is quoted here,

“Establishing business ideas and planning rigorously for them does not imply that they have to be carried out that way. On the contrary, social scenarios can vary and lead to changes in those planned strategies. These changes can be positive if they are looked at from the perspective of evolution and innovation, and can even provide the opportunity to make a difference in the company.”

Make Your Communication Time-Effective

Amidst facing a public health crisis, one of the factors that matter the most for businesses is effective communication.

Or more elaborately, time-effective communication.

With courier and delivery services being slow and held back, human contact being as little as possible and individualistic needs being at an all time high, effective and timely communication is the only way to conduct business affairs in an organized, and successful manner.

"It became critical for businesses to add information on social media and websites and to provide resources to their audiences," Syed Balkhi, co-founder of WPBeginner says. "The sooner you can respond to your customers, the happier they'll be. So, invest in staff and tools to make this possible."

The Customer is Above All Else

A marketer must always remember that the reason he/she/they stand as who they are profession-wise only because of one personality; the customer.

The entire marketing world aims to identify, target and attract the same core personality, i.e the customer.

In a gist, a brand’s main focus, priority and obsession must be the customer.

"2020 has brought a lot of challenges to the world, and many businesses were hit hard,"Stephanie Wells, co-founder and CTO of Formidable Forms says. "Consistently providing excellent customer service and putting customers first will convince them to keep coming back."


If anyone knows how to survive a pandemic, an apocalypse or a global weather crisis, it’s the masters of all professions. And so taking heed to their advice and pointers is no joke when it comes to success building. The insights of these experts is what matters for your future strategies.