TikTok for Business; How to make that happen

TikTok, the most downloaded app of 2018, that originated in China in 2016, is now one of the most downloaded apps throughout the United States, most of Europe and East Asia.

It banks over 738 million downloads throughout 2019, and continues to rapidly grow despite being unpopularised and potentially banned in countries such as India.

Despite all of its downsides that seem to surface time and again, as does for literally any other social media platform that grows this rapidly, and amasses a devout audience this contagiously, Tiktok, unlike most applications that go viral eventually die out with their hype, is here to stay for good.

So, be mindful to not ignore the potential that Tiktok and it’s growing horde of users hold. If you are, you are probably missing out on extremely productive, efficient and new ways on how to bring to light your specific brand’s face for a huge potent audience.

How to figure out if TikTok will be your gig

So yeah, this app is predominantly used by Gen Z, it seems, with the occasional millennial influencer, like Halsey or Ariana Grande, or even the very rare boomer, like caucasian grandparents or Reese Witherspoon putting out the most wholesome content out there to engage and educate kids of today.

But how can you figure out if this platform is fit for growing and nurturing your business?

Is your content TikTok appropriate?

Does your targeted demographic of audience even use this app enough for you to be investing resources, time and money onto building a presence on it?

Is your audience using TikTok?

It has been statistically observed that the main chunk of TikTok users range between an average of 16-24 years of age.

Any business holding a demographic of audience with an age range around this, or with an audience that has a knack for marketing and advertising done as efficiently and expertly as it is done in such a haven of marketing, that is TikTok, you might want to instantly hop on this train too.


The last thing you would want to do is join a new and emerging social platform, or as a matter of fact, any social platform, get noticed and then have people realise that you really don't know what you're doing here.

You need to study this platform. You need to use analytic tools, like Google Trends, Uber suggest and so much more to read and study analytics, trends for this app.

Then you would have to focus on observing already successful creators and businesses functioning on this app.

And that is how you would figure out your first step regarding content that you need to create before you post.

How to grow your business with TikTok.

So let's say you already have a prominent existence that is thriving, or even working relatively well on other social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, how can you as a fresh and new, but established business continue to grow on this Visuals-dominated platform of wonders?

Create TikTok content.

Creating videos on TikTok can be tricky at first.

You would have to learn how to navigate your way through an array of AR filters, settings and edits, while also still trying to come up with original content and ideas that stay relevant to;

  1. What is trending on the platform

  2. What makes sense with the filter, music or edit that you are using

  3. The message that you are to put out

  4. The audience that your are targeting

But even before creating content, as is necessary for any other social platform, it is very essential to plan content way ahead of posting.

It is important to create a schedule for yourself, or with your creative team to brainstorm content ideas, plan out content while sizing it down to it’s minute details, scheduling shooting days and then putting out and posting the content strategically.

Why do you have to be so precise for content that is barely even as long as 60 seconds?

It is because TikTok is a constant horde of new and iconic content, where users go through a lot of content within a minimal amount of time.

To say simply, content consumption is fast from a user perspective.

A brand or creator has anywhere between 15-60 seconds to convince a user that they are worth following, and that their content is worth watching.

Yes these short snippets of mass content productions increase chances of you being discovered, or re-discovered by an audience, but the major downside is that it also is just as hard to keep and maintain this audience.

Which is why every intricate detail must be revised and planned very carefully while also keeping the carefree, creative and non-overwhelming vibe of the platform within your content.

Advertise strategically

As predicted by social media experts, TikTok is moving towards a monetised future.

And as that happens, businesses and brands pay to advertise to users the way it happens on YouTube and Instagram.

Simultaneously, brands have also figured out other advertising strategies quite well.

The most prominent strategy being Influencer-created content.

Very much like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, influencer marketing is what has benefitted brands and businesses more than traditional marketing.

In modern day a user is more likely to be swayed by a recommendation and good experience of an Influencing, famous figure who used a product by, or worked with a particular brand than they are to be impressed by traditional ads from the same brand.

Not only does this kind of marketing increase customer loyalty, it also causes the brand’s customer base to grow after being presented and advertised to an already-developed audience and fanbase.

It is nothing new to observe that influencers on TikTok have varying numbers of followers, which translated into having that respective level of influence on the app’s user base.

So it is an obvious marketing fact that a user with more followers would market your brand a lot more efficiently, however such influencers are more expensive to work with.

As an established and well-to-do brand, you can approach influencers with proposals or working out a work and collaborative relationship with them.

However it is more than important that you be strategic with choosing the right person or people to work with.

These influencers will, in turn;

  1. Talk about your service or product in their TikTok videos

  2. Post more details about it in their video descriptions

  3. Link your brand within their descriptions if relations go as far as establishing them as your ambassadors

So sit back and enjoy creating different, revolutionary and new content for this emerging breakthrough of an app. Nothing here that is done right goes in vain