3 tips to devise your Social Media Marketing in 2020

It is hard to believe in this day and age when someone says they don’t use any social media platform at all. Day in day out, we see new and unexpected faces appearing on our suggestion lists.

Nearly 60% percent or over 3.8 billion people around the world use some form of social media network.

It shows that these social media users are constantly online and they might be looking for you or a product like yours.

The growing number of users means that they are now more accessible to you than ever and you can target them accurately.

It would be a great decision to invest in social media marketing and taking the time to learn how it works in 2020 to create maximum awareness about your service and product.

Brand image and identity is everything when it comes to targeting a certain niche. Using the right symbols, phrases, logos and words will definitely get you the attention you need but putting out good content is imperative in subsidizing your growth as a company.

If you are new to the social media marketing, we have some tips that will help you get in the right direction for developing your social media marketing strategy:

1. Identify and Create Your Persona

This is almost as crucial as a fuel for a car. Without creating the right persona, your page would not be able to drive in to the right market or get the much needed traffic back.

It boils down to understanding the basics.

Your design, page layout and content such as articles, photos and videos are the decisive factor for describing who you are as person or company and what value in terms of entertainment and information you are providing.

It is always better to ask yourself this question: ‘Why should someone be spending their time on my content?

Am I funny? Is my product something unique? Am I providing something of great value?’ and then devise your marketing strategy according to what your brain or group of brains tell you!

Developing the right social media persona is like law of attraction-- what you give out in the universe of social media is what exactly you attract back!

2. Be Interactive, Real and Listen:

Human beings are full of emotions and crave for a human to human connection.

Through past many years, we have seen a major shift from a brand branding itself to CEOs branding themselves first and their product after they have developed a trusted relation with audience.

Being interactive on a regular basis takes patience and consideration. No one prefers robotic replies anymore. People want to feel valued and it is vital to keep yourself at arm’s length so they can feel heard.

And trust us, if they know you personally (through your social media community), they are more likely to buy your product.

3. Make and promote the content which gets you more eyes

Now that’s literal depiction of good viewership.

Content that keeps people asking for more is a healthy sign you must be producing something of value.

But it is important that you don’t stop creating good content because a user might come to your web page following one link but if he doesn’t look around for more content, you have not promoted your content properly on social media or there isn’t much content of the similar type.

See the statistics as to know which content is clicking well with audience and create something similar to keep them engaged and then bring changes in it with time.

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