Keys to better social media engagement

Let's present a scenario here; a dinner party. How would you treat your guests? How do you expect to be treated by the host yourself? What kind of warmness and hospitality would you employ towards your own guests if you are willing to entertain them?

The concept of social media engagement is no different. Your audience and client base is no different. They are your guests, and they expect warmness, hospitality, concern and care.

Being what they expect from you in terms of how you cater to them is one of the main ways you can retain your existing and new customers, while rapidly increasing them at the same time.

Brands who expertly deliver to the common public and the rest of their audience this way are widely appreciated and admired. Not only are they the top-runners when it comes to their products and/or services, but they make the customers their priorities and treat them like valued and desired individuals.

Social media engagement seems like a stagnant pointer within every diverse online marketing strategy there could ever be, which is exactly as dull as it sounds

But really, if it’s just a dry, dreary staple in your strategy is entirely up to you, because there are several corporate and brand giants out on the web that are doing it with all of their heart and soul.

Why bother with it?

  1. Social media engagement is a public affair

Imagine if you had to live a bunch of your most valuable relationships publicly. Being a brand is like being a celebrity figure, you cannot keep much of your engagement related issues and turnabouts solely to yourself. The nature and value of these engagements are bound to go viral eventually.

So if you knew that, how would you conduct yourself with other people? Would you take it as a disadvantage, and conduct yourself however you will while trying to hush over information regarding your relationship secret?

Or would you be the smart entrepreneur, like most celebrities and brands are, and turn the publicity of your engagement details into your advantage?

How many individuals within your own private life do you know who would gravitate towards a brand and their product when it is referred to them by another individual, especially with an additional note on how desirable and appreciable their customer engagement is?

Well, many. No one would want to be treated any differently.

The concept is that with social media engagement regardless of how you are doing it, you are heightening and intensifying the message and tone that your brand is giving to its audience. If the tone is warm and the message resonates with your target prospective clients, they will have no choice but to incline towards you more than your competitors

  1. Social media engagement is time and topic centric

It is fast and it is focused. Nonetheless it needs a good deal of the brand’s attention.

Replying to your audience via personal dms, comments on posts or tweets is one of the greatest ways to achieve this.

Fingers crossed that with a developing and improving engagement strategy, a brand’s client base and audience increases.

With them increasing, there is definitely not enough time or resources to establish heart-to-heart relations with every single individual.

However that does not mean you will not be able to hear your audience and see what they demand from you.

Chatting with them while sticking to specific topics, or initiating focused groups around themes, starting discussions on your opinions may help you reap a great deal of knowledge on your demographic audience and again, furthermore on how to engage with them.

Such engagement drops any thick walls between you and the audience and allows for smooth, cooperative and progressive communication.

Experts have concluded that faster responses actually generate increased revenue for brands.

  1. Your audience is already on social media

Regardless of your demographic, your audience is already here. What better way to cater to the most number of prospective clients you can gather all in one place. Several times more than the number of clients and audience that you are capable of gathering physically. No large scale event can gather as many people as a social media platform can.

The upside: everyone is heard. Everyone is seen. Everyone is catered to.

Let's get started on ways to maximize efficient and better social media engagement

1) Identify Your Audience

Although this may sound as basic as it seems, you need to identify your target audience before strategizing to showcase them your content, and establishing relationships with them.

A fact that is known broadly but not acknowledged intellectually; not everyone comes within your audience.

There are many examples out there of brands that undermined this step, only to be spun in circles with all their strategies. And that simply stems from the fact that they don't specifically know who they are targeting.

The first thing knowing your audience helps you curate, aside fashioning your social engagement values strategies and values is your brand’s voice

Your brand’s voice is one of the most important features, if not the most important feature of establishing a brand image for your audience to interpret and judge.

2. Be Human

Another key factor often overlooked.

You must look to humanise your brand.

Let’s revise one point we must drill into our entrepreneurial minds; your customer is your priority. And you need to look out for them as you would a beloved relation of your own.

Your brand is not essentially an organization when it comes to how people would prefer to see it. Your brand is one common voice. One common tone. And one common attitude.

3. Seek Meaningful Relationships

The concept of having a large following matters. But not as much as the quality of relationships that these large followers have with you.

It is noteworthy to have a lesser number of customers, but of loyal, bonding and admiring customers than to have a huge following of emotionless and unattached viewers towards your brand and its product, individuals who would not really care if your business fell off the face of the earth tomorrow.


Don't miss out on building and nurturing one of the most cliched forms of social media strategies that you have seen brand’s develop over the years, i.e social media engagement. Remember, some of the most beneficial and best conversions come from meaningful relationships.