How to use Instagram for Business

A platform that has amassed 1 Billion users over the years. An application that gathers and creates a whole new world for one-seventh of the World’s population. 500 million of this crowd are regular, active users, flooding in their content onto everyone else’s screens.

All kinds of individuals turn to Instagram to be inspired, motivated, and to discover their interests and other topics they feel connected to.

It’s one way to make the work feel so big and open to wonders, yet so small, packed and easily accessible.

A Useless Hype or an Effective tool

Instagram is undeniably one of the most popular Social Media platforms, if not the most widely used one for 2020. With regard to the current global situation, many businesses have transitioned to being majorly online presences. Businesses that refused to undergo this transition not only suffered, but have finally learnt the importance of adapting to newer ways of marketing and existing as a brand.

To Instagram or not to Instagram?

The older, more practical and mature tiers of society may have a lot more to learn from Gen-Z than what they think. Adopting new trends is no issue for the younger, more robust and open-minded generation, and so it should not be either for businesses and brands that include them as their target audience.

“It's never too late to be great.” - Jordan Burroughs

Hopping onto a bandwagon that you would have never seen yourself doing when it comes to business is probably more good news than it is bad. It’s never too late to establish an existence on a popular platform.

As much of a possibility there is of being drowned within all the campaigners and businesses that already exist, and those who are beginning their journeys here too, there is a greater probability of having your speciality, talent and content noticed by hundreds or thousands of the 200 million users that visit business pages every single day.

The current existing 250 million establishments utilizing instagram for their brand aren’t just in it for the trend. They are benefiting on a daily basis, and continuing to largely thank this platform for their progress and growth.

Instagram’s offered business features that are constantly being stacked with newer and better features are what set it apart from other platforms and make it so efficient to use.

Getting started

Let’s take a shallow dive into the basics of establishing oneself on this prestiged platform.

Sign up

First and foremostly, setting up a Business Account on Instagram is relatively easy. That can be done while first signing up, or by converting an already existing account into a Business one.

Once the account has been created, it is imperative to complete profile information. Details about the business, the brand name, username, profile picture, website URL and a brief but complete biography are just the first few information snippets that viewers should be able see when they first land on a business page.

Outline Audience

It would only make sense to rush to update a newly made page with content till it’s overflowing. That’s not really how one amasses viewers and followers in a social bubble where everything revolves around the viewers’ interests.

Without catering to a specific kind of niche within the horde of Instagram users, all content would go unadvertised, unnoticed and unappreciated.

The next step is to define the target audience. If the business has already existed and thrived prior to existence on Instagram, it would already recognise and specify itself according to its target audience.

But what about a brand that is new, that first commenced as an established here on Instagram, and may have little or no idea about it’s ideal target audience with respect to Instagram’s demographic?

In such a situation;

  • Figure out who would potentially buy from you

  • Analytics for demographics on your business’s other social pages can also be used to determine this

  • A deep research on rival brands and competitors is very crucial; typically, a rival brand would be one that is quite similar to yours in terms of product, content or service.

Even a brand with a different service and product altogether could be catering to the same target audience as yours, so observing and analysing their Instagram activity would help a ton in giving you an idea on how to perform similarly.

Carve out what the viewer wants

When you comprehend the type, nature, and characteristics of the crowd that you are aiming to engage, bring into consideration what they want to see from you.

Not just product-wise, but also content and visuals wise.

What is the outlook, aesthetic and built of their own personal accounts, or of other business accounts that they engage with frequently?

For instance, Blvck Paris is an emerging designer brand that targets a demographic audience with an obsession for all things dark and black. They are a clothing and accessories brand that have recently begun to stretch out to tech-related features as well.

Their audience is mostly the young, but more mature generation that belongs to the higher strata of society, with a fashion sense that could be labelled as edgy, grunge, gothic and dark with an overload of minimalism, modernism, sophistication and an appreciation for anything generic but specifically available to a wealthier class of people.

In such a case the viewer is not only likely to skim through the content and merely just like it, contemplating whether to follow this business’s page or not. Rather, the strong characteristic pull that this aesthetic and feed, along with the product presents to the audience is enough to bag them as followers and hardcore fans.

Sometimes it may not be as easy to determine an audience which is not as clear cut and distinctive. In such a case, coming to the audience in a strong and statement manner by appealing solely to the aesthetic of the page will not work.

Other aspects like captions, visual and written language, and the bubble you offer the viewer to indulge in and appreciate is what counts.

For smaller businesses maintained by a single person, or a smaller team, a quick tip would be to start organising and sorting the smaller aspects and details of a profile.

This would enable the brand to gradually move on to transforming the page entirely by creating a whole different and specific vibe that would not only help attract a large following, but also eventually turn into a statement value for the brand itself

Set goals and utilise tools

Have a clear mind of what you would like to achieve by using Instagram’s business tools.

Utilise all the other features and opportunities that Instagram has to offer as well. Use stories to update viewers on brand-related content regularly, come through with crisp and eye catching pictures that leave the viewer in awe of the content.


Engage with commenters in the comment section of every post, use appropriate and interesting captions that are adequate for customer information, yet do not over-inform so as to maintain a veil of mystery and curiosity from the viewer’s end.

Maintaining good customer service by not only actively engaging with them and being sensitive to their taste and ethics will help cultivate the brand’s relationships with them. Go on post-liking sprees, address each comment separately and follow all relevant pages.

This increases customer loyalty and builds a large devotee-force among the people, which would again not only directly benefit the brand, but would also promote what the brand has to offer to newer individuals that may have been oblivious to them before.

Collaborating with influencer entities that have a large following of their own on Instagram also helps promote the brand to a wider audience.

A collaboration with an individual trusted by their own audience would help others see the quality of customer service that the sponsor brand maintains and how much the brand cares about people’s comfort, trust and taste, which would inevitably lead to a larger profit for the brand itself.

Stay consistent and let the rest flow smoothly

Posting and engaging consistently, while staying regularly active is one the most basic keys to retaining the amassed following that a brand may get over time. It is just as important to keep customers happy and interested as it is to attract them and get as many fresh eyes as possible to discover the brand.

Instagram, with its perpetually growing and widening user base has proven to be an essential facility that business owners and social media marketing experts are smart for jumping onto as quickly as possible.

If you have a visual story to tell, along with a product or two to sell, the first thing you should be doing is branding yourself on Instagram for business and taking off from there. Because undoubtedly, the platform is yours to own.