How to use Google Trends for Entrepreneurs

Google, as what is commonly assumed to be a huge but mere SEO tool is way more than just that.

It is, in fact, your personal informant in terms of what seasonal and/or temporary trends are at a rise, and what is to be predicted in the future.

And, as an informant, it also keeps you aware of the whereabouts of your competitors in terms of where they stand in the market, in terms of production, efficiency and much more.

Google Trends is something you should heavily utilize if you are a new and fresh entrepreneur deciding what niche to jump into.

Or if you're a much more experienced entrepreneur who might be having trouble deciding what niche to switch to by needing to acquire more information on it, google trends can sort out the best direction to work in.

So let’s dive right into how to utilise Google Trends to help become a better entrepreneur and grow your business exponentially.

So, What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a search engine optimisation feature that helps the user see what particular topics, terminologies and trends are popular.

They help users view demographic insights, view trends and topics that are on a rise, that are slowly or rapidly declining, and those that are predicted to rise or fall.

It also provides your information regarding questions you might have about these trends, such as their nature, what to expect from them and what impact they cause on the audience or the recipients.

So let's take a look into how Google trends can specifically be put to use.

1. It helps an entrepreneur decide on a niche.

As previously discussed, Google Trends is very helpful when deciding what you want your business to revolve around.

Be it a temporary niche, or something you would like to commit to long term, Google Trends helps you all the way from choosing a niche to deciding on questions like these as well.

It is advised that while choosing a niche as such, you might want to change analytics data finder settings from the past year to 2004 and after.

Doing this not only gives you present insight on your shortlisted niches that you might be interested in, but it gives you the analytics for over a whole past decade, showing you clearly how long term your niche will benefit you, where you might need to switch or improvise, and where you can rise the most.

In a gist, you get a crystal clear overview of seasonal rises and falls, alongside the annual ones.

Some niches tend to stay evergreen and consistent, and stable over the years, while others fluctuate a lot. Regardless, every dip and peak is brought into consideration and plain sight.

2. It helps you discover related product Categories

There always comes a time when businesses are ready to expand into related product categories to their initial niche.

But how would they figure out exactly what kind of product category is best for them based on their own analytics and studies of previous ventures, sales or productions.

Google Trends can be used for this purpose very efficiently too.

Not only can you view what product categories can be related to your original business, but it helps you expand and grow on this newer product or service launches faster than you would have originally done had you been left alone to experiment with different product categories in a large amount of time before settling on a product category that you can claim to be “The One.”

It may also show you certain product categories that seem largely unrelated to your specific niche, but make quite a bit of sense when coming in a combination with it.

By that it means it would show you what else your consumers are definitely purchasing if they are also buying your product and services.

Keeping this in mind, it also shows you essential products that either may fall directly under your niche that you were not previously entertaining, or related products that are must-have combinations with your originally launched service or product.

Previously you might have been losing customers and prospective buyers because of the non-availability of said related product. Now, with this knowledge, you won't be so much.

This way you keep your audience mostly grounded to yourself and your business.

3. Keyword research for effective marketing

So say, if you already are an established entrepreneur with a business that

has already taken off.

But this level of success is not just the end of the world.

If you don’t plan on bettering, improving and increasing sales even more, you will eventually be eradicated from the market by newer and more efficient competitors.

So growing old in terms of product, idea and audience size is something that can never grow old.

So how to learn to market better even if you do not plan on switching niches, or expanding in any way?

Taking help from Google Trends is the answer!

It shows you keywords analytics for better marketing.

While the product that the audience wants from you may more or less stay the same, the terminologies, the labels on it, and the uses of it might change syntactically.

What was once branded as “Strong sturdy women’s knickers, even for sports”over fifty years ago is now coined as “seamless athleisure undies for women” in 2020.

The stability of the demand and buying power of the consumers might roughly be the same, but the language of marketing that the consumer is looking for changes drastically over time.

4. Produce Content around trending topics

Under the section for trending searches on the main Google Trends homepage, you'll see trending topics of the moment, and the keywords that they are being popularised under.

You, as an entrepreneur do not only have to produce a product and market it like a machine.
You need to put out content otherwise too, that should ideally be most related to your niche, but sometimes even be unrelated, such as a topic or conversation you personally or professionally are very passionate about.

Create catchy visuals such as pictures or GIFs, videos and vlogs, or blogs, long-form content, etc to catch your audiences’ attention by presenting a more humanised view.

Utilise these keywords that you dig up under the hottest, most trending topics within your content and market that too.


All the way from being a beacon in the dark for your new and fresh ventures into the business world, to being your age-old companion when times are dark, rusty and hopeless, and even in times when you are growing rapidly, Google trends not only help you predict and foresee, but will hold your hand while you grow and blossom as an establishment both, online and in person.