How to Grow Your LinkedIn page

There’s Instagram for business. There’s Facebook for business.

There’s even TikTok for business.

But what about a social media platform dedicated ONLY for business?

Unlike Snapchat and TikTok, LinkedIn is one of the old school, age-old original social platforms to be established and was launched in 2003. This platform has been around for 17 years, banks about half a billion users in over 200 countries, and has seen several peaks and dips with businesses transitioning constantly from platform to platform in terms of dominant marketing and advertising.

Despite all that. Despite the dips and peaks, LinkedIn has been a lot more stable relatively to other social platforms. The reason perhaps is that work matters taken to a professional and made-for-purpose platform is a facility you can never really cross off your list.

Professionals, be it hired at a full-tile job, freelancers and individuals identifying with any sort and kind of profession usually create their LinkedIn profile as soon as they fully enter their respective professional fields.

Some of these professionals really seem to be making the most of Linkedin. And the benefits are apparent..

So what are the secrets that enable these professionals to grow exponentially in their fields and probably even beyond that with just a push from a well established Social Platform presence?

What we know

Even today with individuals and professionals who have been using LinkedIn for several years, LinkedIn can be a seemingly overwhelming place for such people as well, so for a new user one can imagine how much of an intimidating space it is at first. One might question, “Who do I connect with? How do I even determine who to not connect with? And how is the public relations thing done here?”

So let’s dive into a few tips on how to grow your LinkedIn profile, and hence bring in a greater organic reach, amazing opportunities and so much more to either you as a professional, or your brand.

  1. Complete your profile

A incomplete profile is not only unappealing for a viewer because of missing snippets of important information about the page-holder, be it a professional or a company, it can also at times be misleading. Sometimes even frame the page holder as a sketchy individual or organisation. It may make viewers feel as if you have something huge to hide.

The basic binding force between LinkedIn connections is a thin slice of trust and authenticity. If you do not give your potential LinkedIn connections a trustworthy vibe and feel from the structure of your profile, they may never want to connect with you, even if they fall within your direct relations in terms of work, previous face-to-face interactions or interests.

Pages with complete information receive 30% more views than pages that don't. Bonus points to you if viewers find the information that you provide useful, because that for sure will have them hit “follow” on you.

For completing your profile, start with necessary information about your professional life. Start with titles and brief descriptions of your roles, which by the way is an absolute, definite way to confirm your legitimacy and obtain a viewer’s trust.

2. Incorporate SEO within your LinkedIn page

Most businesses and professional individuals already roughly know of the importance of Search Engine Optimization for online content. SEO is not only important for websites and blogs though. It’s main purpose is to make all kinds of online content more accessible, more easily discoverable and more aptly fished out by interested viewers.

That can be done for your LinkedIn profile too.

Use keywords within the content that are appropriate but that have a significant volume so as to have Google push forward your profile as much as possible. It would also be an additional touch to link your company, brand or organization from within the content, which in turn could lead to you receiving a backlink, or if you are the owner, can backlink to your personal profile and call it an SEO-success of a day.

3. Build connections with people that you know or know of

Now obviously that would come as a natural to any Social Media platform, but you best believe that even though this is what people picture themselves doing before they join any social media, once joined they put in little or no effort in achieving a goal of interacting with people and building an increasing followers’ list.

First and foremostly, try interacting with people relevant to you. People you may have momentarily engaged with in the past, like a growing influencer in your go-to salon, or a business and entrepreneurial figure in your favorite cafe.

Sometimes it all comes down to connecting these brief and almost meaningless moments that turn into larger prospective advancements in life.

Coming to people that you have not met in real life. It is necessary to be extremely relevant to such individuals in terms of work, profession, and usually by having a mutual contact as reference.

Sending requests to random people that you know little or nothing about and vice versa will not only additionally paint you as a sketchy figure, but it may make you look desperate.

But even then, there are only so many relevant, interesting and willing-to-engage individuals that a person can bump into while on the go.

So how to grow your following beyond that?

4. Post a lot of content regularly

This may be a common concept for business or creator profiles on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, but believe you me, it is a great, great hack for showing up on a lot of relevant people’s profiles with your eye-catching, hopefully interesting and useful content.

Everyone loves a good read. Or a good visual, because no one can resist a perfect and relevant image or video. Even more so would one love to consume quality content if it is relevant and useful to them.

The purpose of LinkedIn is to connect you with relevant individuals, so those not interested or not tied in terms or profession or hobbies to you would automatically be cut away.

But how does you merely posting often make you more discoverable to relevant individuals?

When a connection of yours engages with your content by liking it, sharing it or commenting on it, all of their connections get to see your original post within their own feeds.

Kind of like an unpaid promotion of sorts.

In order to get your existing connections to engage with you, you would have to initiate the engagement first. Typing in a “Beautiful thoughts,” or a “Thank you for sharing this with us,” can go a long way to making a person’s day.

5. Expand Content type

Back to a primary question; but what kind of content should you post aside from other blogs, LinkedIn posts, videos etc?

Publish Articles within your LinkedIn posts. The more people read what is truly from you, the more they gauge how useful and important of a connection you are, not to mention how unknown but relevant professionals would want to connect with you willingly.


Growing exponentially will definitely not happen overnight. But using these tips and steps will get you there eventually.

We hope you take something away from here.