How can email marketing help your business?

In today's day and age we see several social platforms on the rise with claims of efficient business tools and remarkable Online Marketing campaign prospects and results.

We see several businesses engaged within these several tiers and kinds of Social Media marketing strategies and campaigns.They collectively exist to be a living example of the advancement and success of Social Media marketing.

But what about the marketing that is online, but is not social media marketing?

And yes, that means the good old Email marketing.

Old school email marketing is popular because compared to other forms of online marketing, especially social media marketing, it is relatively easy.

For social media marketing businesses and marketers have to create and manage entire advertising campaigns, a consistent flow of creative marketing content and so much more. Email marketing on the other hand is lower maintenance and is easier to keep up to date with minimal effort and minimal person-engagement.

When done right email marketing harnesses a great deal of profitable results. The investment cost for it is almost nothing compared to several, or in fact most online and social media marketing campaigns.

The rule though, in email marketing is that you as the business owner. Entrepreneurs and marketers need to customise and expand their list of clients, subscribers and customers that want more from you, or to say the least, hear more from you.

Every successful business with an e-commerce website, be it a large corporation or a small agency, regardless of even if the small company is a solo-player organisation actively indulges in email marketing, and benefits from it just as much as they do from traditional marketing or social media marketing.

One might think that with the emergence of tools such as Facebook Business Manager, Instagram Business tools and LinkedIn, email marketing already peaked a long while ago. At this point that fact that everyone is doing it is not a good enough reason for you to jump right into it when you may be engaged elsewhere with your marketing strategies and ideas.

Despite all this, rest assured, email marketing is one staple strategy for a business’s marketing needs, and needs to stay in use regardless of if other marketing methods are maintained or not.

To sum it up, it's a timeless facility.

So keeping all this in mind, let's move onto why and how email marketing for a must have for your business even today in 2020.

Saving an insane amount of Money

Going digital with your marketing and advertising produces a form of green business, an uprising trend in the corporate world. Not only does it inculcate a better ethical code within the professional team itself, it creates a face for your brand based on core values that appeal to everyone.

Other forms of online marketing are quite cost effective, but perhaps the most cost effective option for digital marketing is email marketing.

It helps brand recognition increase a great deal

Adopting email driven marketing helps establish a renowned and iconic brand image plus name for your business before your audience. What you present to them needs to include your logo, your tagline, a custom but iconic colour palette and overall scheme, brand graphics, and customised template of design.

It is this detail that encapsulates the essence of your brand in a first glance.

When your audience observes all these brand elements come together coherently within each issue, they will begin to recognise your brand, which will help them start building a certain depth of brand awareness about you and your work.

It doesn't really matter if they they glance at these new issues for split-seconds, or if they

Sit pondering and obsessing over them, the job has been done. Your impact has been established.

The trick with which this brand recognition is created along with minimal content production as a pro is behind how often your audience sees the name of your brand in their inboxes.

Increasing your brand’s credibility

Quality-maintaining, consistent and also frequent email marketing that conveys the message relevantly, concisely yet adequately consisting content that is precisely on topic but also full of value that adds to the reader’s time is what you as a brand ought to aim to work towards.

This will not only make your content worth a read for your target audience, and maybe beyond that demographic too, but it also inculcates a sense of trust, admiration and loyalty within your audience towards your brand.

Once that is achieved, it becomes a lot easier for you to promote and sell your products and services to them and to their mutual contacts.

Helps educate your existing and prospective clients

Aside from social media accounts and the content you post there, updating your clients and subscribers on newer advancements with your brand and plans via email is probably the best way to inform your audience while having the least chances of them skipping or not seeing your content. Even though social media will enable your content to land right onto their feeds, the algorithms of said social media platforms greats many chances of them not being able to view your content at the appropriate time at all.

With email marketing, you face no such issue, and you aptly educate your audience about all that you want them to know.

Helps you reach a wider audience with more response rates

Email marketing helps you to drive back your brand’s email newsletter subscribers directly to your website. This can be achieved easily by promoting recent content and blog posts of each issue while also simultaneously creating a hype for your website.

To cater to this audience and to make sure that they don't leave your site empty-handed, or empty-carted, you could repurpose your electronic magazine, more commonly known as E-zine content to draw this audience deeper into your brand.

So at this point you would not only just be re-targeting an older audience, but targeting new prospective clients too.

Some advertising or social media experts might think that email marketing is no better than dead today, but the truth is that it stays standing as a true, unsung hero, helping businesses climb corporate ladders faster than any other tool could help them. It is still a number one tool for business communication and promotion that is used on the daily and benefits brands and customers alike on the daily too.

What do you think? Is Email marketing worth your time?