Getting more B2B Traffic on your Site does not have to be that hard

How badly do you want to take your marketing experience and viewer/customer base beyond LinkedIn? How would your business catering to businesses be able to do this.

Let’s talk about B2B leads. So widely sought. Intently desired. And despite all orthodox marketing techniques employed all together to their utmost efficiency, so very rarely received.

If we sum up together any and every marketer’s or business owner’s group of wishes and ambitions for their organisation, the first and foremost of the list to that never ending den of desires will be an increase in leads.

Even more so for someone working within the B2B market, solely because of how rare it is to attract and target businesses the same way your kind target and pull customers and clients falling within the B2C category.

Unlike B2C, B2B Marketing can be tougher than a two dollar steak.

For a multitude of reasons, it isn't the same. In fact it doesn't even come close to being the same.

So what can we do there?

Customer-tailored Content

The fact that mental and physical stress the digital life that we’ve all too willingly adapted to has been inflicting on everyone is a big fact to acknowledge, one might come to a conclusion that the general attitude of a prospective customer towards viewing and considering your content might not be very beneficial for your current marketing strategy.

The bottomline, change. Change and reflect on everything.

All the way from your understanding of the audience, to defining them and placing them in fine tuned niches for a better grasp of their demands. Change your content. And then finally, change your marketing strategies.

B2b employs a more precise and specific form of marketing that helps you to engage and connect with your audience.

The trick is that, while engaging and attracting these businesses, you need to impart strategic knowledge and value to your audience. This would help your gauge the consumer interest and help you sort your content onto appropriate platforms for its utmost best performance.

In a very similar manner to how you attract and lure in customers to your content, and eventually service and product, you might want to understand that B2B content must be published to become a whole consumer experience on it’s own.

Not only is this something that a prospective customer would want to come back to at the appropriate time, it adds value to their time invested in viewing and considering your product or service. The value addition is really what counts when it comes to B2B customers, and it’s all it takes to lure a crowd as such in.

Your audience will start gaining prosecutable insights from your brand’s ventures and attempts at leading your particular industry. Again, this can only be done by really knowing your audience inside-out.

As mentioned before, all this deep and genuine understanding of your audience and their specifics will take you one step ahead.

To building your target audience.

And now you would know more than just the general information. You would have facts true to them, such as demographic, their habits, their likes and dislikes.

And this helps you curate your content to their specifics.

For doing so;

  • Research and analytics is key. The subject to be solidly researched is your audience. You know that a client is utterly bewitched by your content when they take another step ahead and share your content on other networks. Research thoroughly on what it would take your audience to do that.

  • Concisely but strongly describe how important your product, service and brand is to their professional lives

  • Research a little more on each generic platform that can be potentially used to market your content. Not every content does well on every single social platform, which is why hired SEO experts and Social Media Marketers know best what kind of content best performs on what specific platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and so many more.

  • In addition to this, the audience performance and interest for each platform may vary too, thanks to the varying demographics. And this would majorly be the reason for every kind of content not performing the same on every kind of Social Media platform.

Paid Advertisements are worth the money

What it takes to have your advertisement appear in front of an interested viewer, at the right time, place would only be possible with paid social media advertising. This guarantees visibility of your content to your designated audience and makes your money worth its while. The reach to your audience is easier than it has ever been before using demographic data, analytical tools and usage patterns that these paid advertisements determine.

Marketing may be explored horizontally on it’s own, but in the case of B2B, you are required to dig down vertically into the very specifics of more accurate targeting of your viewer.

However, continuing to spend on such ads without a check and balance would be nonsense. The way to go about it is by setting some expectations for your content outreach and visibility that you should be going over frequently.

Setting goals and expectations would also help you choose platforms to utilise for this purpose without the mistake of overspending, even for someone who is relatively new to paid online advertisements.

By having a very thorough understanding of your audience beforehand, you will be able to strong-handedly and quality-consciously push your published content, and most of that would be by thanking your focus on a narrower viewer base.

Track the Traffic

Once you hop onto the paid advertisements bandwagon, it is imperative that you keep a keen eye on the traffic on your advertisements. Monitoring your traffic is a must for both, your paid advertisements and self published marketing content. Most social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn allow for marketers to not only market efficiently, but take an overview of their content and audience reach analytics.

The reason analytics is key to branding and marketing is because it helps you make further decisions for future marketing ventures.

Partner with influencers

Here in 2020, these celebrities have more credibility in business and marketing than what they did a decade ago. Utilising their already-amassed audience and more will perhaps give your audience reaching efficiency like no advertisement can give you.

What influencer collaboration/ Partnership can do for you;

  • Reach a wider audience while still only making the efforts suitable for your target audience. The additional audience is the huge plus here.

  • Build trust and a sense of loyalty in your prospective or already existing viewers

  • It in turn grows your social viewer base

  • It brings in a considerable increase to your site traffic, creates leads

  • And eventually, directs sales to take a rocketing shoot

Concluding all this, an effective multi-platform and versatile use of marketing and advertising is what needs to be employed, tailored right to your client base- needs, demands and desires. From the Array of strategies that can be employed, the winning strategy will have one basic core; Knowing the audience, and providing them value along with engagement.