Facebook versus Instagram; Which platform will be a bigger business booster in 2021?

2020 has brought us some very unexpected and yet expected turnabouts in terms of everything, from our personal lives to business and simply getting your bread.

You could have been heading your business for quite a while now.

Or maybe the current global situation along with the predicament of regular employment growing scarce was not helping with the fact that it was not already enough to suffice your needs and make ends meet.

Or maybe the flame of inspiration and determination burning inside of you long enough finally needed to be projected into workable plans that stand within the right time to be executed.

All these scenarios could be reasons as to why you stand today as a proud small-business owner.

And because you are so limited on resources, to take to the most cost effective but yet extremely efficient way to market; social media marketing

Having hopped on that bandwagon, you may have grown quite familiar with the social media advertising and marketing scenario.

As per the requirement of the past few years and the dire need of this past year, social media marketing has changed hugely and developed remarkably. So much so that because of our dominating online lives, social media marketing is probably the single most effective way to grow exponentially in the least amount of time.

The influence of social media and its counterparts has been undeniable for the past few years, but now it's not ignorable, even to those who least enjoy indulging into it.

With the internet banking around 3.2 billion active social media users, most businesses are dedicating their marketing power and resources solely online.

And smartly so.

Gathering a loyal and appreciating followers list is something not too undesirable for business profits. And neither is the exponential sales that are growing because of such effective audience building.

Channeling in resources enough to look after all of the business’s pages on different social media platforms is something that would not present you the position to have to choose between with a social platform to focus on.

But if you do not have enough time, man and team power or general resources to afford a luxury as such, it would be advised to focus solely on one platform.

So let's take a look between the two popular most social platforms used for business advantages and effective marketing and advertising;

Facebook versus Instagram

Advantages of Facebook

So what about Facebook?

Sure, a lot of Gen Z and millennials might have to say a lot against this “boomer-dominated” social platform. They would also have opinions regarding how Facebook has already peaked for both personal and business uses.

There are facts to prove them entirely wrong.

According to Ahrefs, Facebook is the world’s fourth most visited website, banking on the second most widely web-visited social media platform by active users.

Out of the previously mentioned 3.2 billion active users, about 2.4 billion of these time-devouts are active Facebook Users.

Facebook would be a bull’s eye of a platform to attract an audience from all age groups that are sensible and adult enough to make purchasing decisions of their own.

A 90-yr old grandma has as many chances of spending a portion of her leisure time scrolling through Facebook as much as a young person in their late teens.

Especially if you are not targeting a highly specific audience this platform is your kingdom. The space and power for brand visibility, advertisement visibility and brand awareness that you can harness from here is intensely potent.

However within the talk of increased and efficient ad visibility you translate into talking about paid promotions mostly. However when talking about in-post promotions, there are quite a few perks to promoting your related content, blogs and other products here on Facebook.

For one, you can add unlimited links to your designated and respected content, as opposed to Instagram which can include one link within the post itself, that for most businesses simply leads to their main web page. While Instagram users can tag other accounts onto their pictures, they cannot tag links.

It does not just stop here. Facebook allows for businesses to make and create business accounts. So not only does this give your features like being able to use analytics, but also to step ahead of your game like never before for Facebook.

Advantages of Instagram

Now let's move onto Instagram

Again, while quoting current global crises and the trend patterns of the past few years, many businesses would think of investing within this platform, for it is quite evident that the leading user age for this particular ever-developing and eye-candy-like platform is young and inspired.

Demographics include a majority of Millennial and Gen Z as active users of this platform.

The content medium here is far more interactive and visual-based than the long script of text and context in Facebook posts and advertisements with the occasional picture, video or GIF.

Given the short attention span of the younger generation, visuals play a much bigger and better part of attracting your target audience more than any form of text that Facebook can provide you.

The kids use text more for the additional wit and humour, preferring the briefest written descriptions as possible.

With Instagram advertisers have more of a chance to collaborate with social media influencers, and use their already amassed audience list to broadcast their product, services and/ or goods to. Given the personality's strength and power over their audience that the business collaborates with, their followers turn into the business’s clients in no time at all.

The influencer collaboration has been a solo point for taking out advertising and marketing on most social media platforms over the past few years.

Within a marketing scene with a huge competitors base, but a place where everyone gets to market amazingly and gear a growing audience as efficiently as instagram allows you to, it would only make sense to make use of Instagram’s free business tools as well.

So what to choose

Honestly, many social media marketers would point fingers at Instagram for the overall best marketing experience. But that's because most of these growing businesses target a younger demographic only.

The final call is for you to make, based on your business and target audience nature.

Who would be your final choice?