Build your Social Media Marketing Strategy 2021

A known fact to everyone who’s been in social media for enough of a period to have a rough idea of it’s ever changing landscape knows that social media is not as straightforward as it used to be.

It’s come a long way from that, and continues to develop beyond our expectations.

Say, you’re a new business just starting your way off with your marketing and advertising strategies. You choose digital marketing because so far over the past few months, it seems to have been the most efficient and cost-effective way to get the job done


Either you have already surpassed this stage of being a new and flourishing business and have established yourself sufficiently as a company, or haven’t. It’s about time you review, revise and improve your social media marketing strategy for all that the new year has to bring.

So get into the spirits, and continue enlightening yourself for the better!

What is a social media strategy?

A social media marketing strategy is a concentrated gist of everything that you plan on doing and hope to achieve as goals with your social media game.

It starts off as brainstorming and channeling all ideas, hopes and goals onto a single compilation of statements, which you further work on till it starts to take shape.

A shape similar to that of an action plan for your marketing and advertising.

It directs your actions while you are deeply submerged in your element of marketing, not letting you lose sight of the end goal while still pushing you forward in the right direction with what you already are doing.

It will also point out to you if you’re failing at accomplishing its points.

Despite the fact that you initiate a social media marketing by brainstorming, you need to keep the final draft of your short. The ideas within your social media strategy need to be specific.

That helps make the execution of the plan easy and effective without letting the brand itself lose a sense of purpose within the plan and towards what it achieves in tiers

Creating and sticking to a huge, branchy lofty plan will lead to most of the plan staying unattained and in vain.

Set goals that are specific to your Business

To have a business that employs digital marketing, it is safe to say that you and/or your team know your way around social media. Which is why you would know what your want to get out of social media.

And if you don't already, figure that part out first.

The social media plan itself means you must have a rough visual of the outcome you are expecting to achieve for your business in a particular amount of time.

Your expectations from social media should roughly go along the lines of either achieving a higher conversion rate, leads and sales increasing till they sky-rocket beyond assumptions, increasing your follower/subscriber family and having it grow massively,

Increasing your engagement with them or leaving behind your competitors in every single aspect related to social media marketing.

Do keep in mind to keep the goals as close as possible to your business’s specific milestones and goals, while also maintaining it’s check with reality.

Research and re-understand your target audience.

For new businesses, know that this is one of the first steps you need to engage deeply in before starting out on your marketing journey.

Fundamentally, the question is, how will you market when you don’t know who you’re marketing too. Aiming a wide and non specified audience is like shooting an arrow into an abyss; there’s no point to that shoot.

You’ll have a very small customer conversion rate if you aren't increasing brand awareness among people who actually need and want to buy from you.

For the older businesses that fulfilled the requirements of this crucial step and benefited from it too, your work is not over yet.

If the social media platform structure and trends are changing that drastically, so is your audience.

Needless to say, you need to go through this step again.

The target audience that you researched and figured out before for your previous strategies needs to be reconfigured, and your customer profile needs to be improved.

The job is much easier than before, easier than it’s ever been. With the help of demographic data and social media analytical tools that you get for almost every social media platform, and even for search engines like google, you won’t have to be making assumptions about your audience ever again.

Your target is now bull’s eye specific.

Taking into consideration the general social media demographics, you’d know where exactly to find your target audience. All the way from which platform to take to, to the window opportunity charts and analytics, it’s all here on the web.

All the configuration data work is for the bots. You’re the understanding, comprehending, planning and executing machine. Still, do not miss out on the important configuration part.

Research your competitors

Now that you’re through with figuring out your audience. You need to observe and study your competitors, groups that have already been pursuing and engaging this very same audience for quite some time now.

It is recommended and commendable to go digging into a rival’s work so deep that you use competitor analysis tools.

Not everyone has to necessarily do that. Even a cursory glance, and regular visits to their social media presences while reading through posts and comments is enough to give you the tea on their social media marketing strategy.

Overviewing a competitor’s social media channel adds on to ideas you may have been doubting to use for a while, or helps you revive older ideas you may have previously employed, not to mention newer strategies and ideas that you would get from their inspiration almost immediately.

However you would need to keep in mind that you are not looking to copy whatever they do. You’re looking to think out the box and stumble across ideas and social media marketing strategies that you and your team could have never come up with in the first place on your own.

A fresh look at things different helps trigger a lot of crisp and original approaches towards everything. Creating a social media marketing strategy is no different


Everyone seems to be marketing online these days for their businesses and set ups, mostly because of how seemingly cost efficient and effective it has proven to be.

But know that every successful business with an on-point marketing strategy are the only ones you see prevailing and dominating all of social media.

Don't aim to be the masses. Aim to be superior.