7 Best Apps for Social Media Engagement

Social media, as everyone now realises at the foot and end of 2020 is an extremely powerful tool for big and small businesses alike.

Sure, it’s changed a lot since the beginning of it’s regime, but a few fundamental theories stay unaffected and unchanged—like the importance of organic engagement and building relationships with your target audience.

Social media can be used by marketers to find new customers, drive more traffic to their websites, web pages, blogs, and keep in touch with new and existing clients.

Not only does it help build brands and entrepreneurs like Huda Beauty over a shorter amount of time compared to traditional methods of marketing, it can also completely ruin businesses and brands that step on a wrong course.

A recent example of how a rising large and trending brand met it’s near-demise because of said social media impact is the Dolls Kill controversy.

These are just two examples of an ocean of brands experimenting and finding their way among social media apps, seeking the right methods and ratios of engagement and content-tone, while eventually trying to find a way into their customer’s hearts.

Some do just fine. Others don’t.

But the key to what builds and breaks these brands is *drumrolls* appropriate and increased engagement.

Engagement with customers. With influencers. With other businesses that brand products related to yours, and establish friendly terms with them.

However, for smaller and/or newer brands, the first step before any of the promised success with efficient social media marketing is to learn how to establish their presence online. And for that to happen, they need to generate customer engagement and maintain these relationships for their brand to thrive.

Using the right social media apps to achieve said goals will not only save you time and resources, it will enable you to produce a mass of relevant and better quality content, and connect with the right target audience.

Social media management tools facilitate and help you to automate, analyze, exert more detailed control over, and dig a lot deeper into all of your brand’s social media accounts

The apps and tools we talk of today include the best social media apps to focus all your social and customer engagement on, along with tools to help you with the management of these social media pages.

All your gear for both curating a detailed presence online and maintaining it should all come together as one go-to list, and we have that here for your convenience.

Why organic engagement still matters just as much, if not more?

It is undeniably a fact that the accuracy and effectiveness of targeted paid ads across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have increased over the past few years. However at the same time, the cost of such paid ads are also increasing, and are predicted to out-weigh the cost of traditional marketing, despite the fact that paid digital marketing started off and rose because of its cost-efficiency.

The competition for securing a position on the market with paid social media ads is rising, so it can be safely predicted that most small and growing brands will have to rely on organic engagement and content publishing efficiency to gear in a large number of viewers and clients.

Especially right now, amidst the ongoing global situations, people at large are relying on social media to connect with family and friends, and to keep up with other meaningful relationships.

Genuine organic engagement rules most of social media marketing and branding.

Hence establishing a solid marketing strategy for any brand requires effort going into building this organic engagement.

Best Apps and Tools For 2021

1. Instagram

User-generated content with the brand’s hashtag

The trend of encouraging influencers and users to post to their accounts and pages while reviewing their products with the brand’s hashtag is a trend that has been around for quite a bit. But despite the fact that this concept isn’t new, users and brands aren't going to stop benefiting off this anytime soon.

User-generated content is here to stay, solely because clients like to research brands and their products before committing to them. This way they get a fair idea of the nature of the feedback a particular brand may be reaping.

Video challenges

Most people may have not participated in the ice bucket challenge, the Dalgona coffee videos, the cinnamon challenge or several similar challenges that take a rapid fire of popularity around Instagram, but they have definitely heard of them.

Many have close relations performing these video challenges, and so they tend to know a great deal about the cause and purpose of these challenges.

Truth is, life for most people currently is either very dull and uneventful or miserable and not very desirable.Video challenges seen particularly attractive for most Instagram users majorly because of this reason, it enables them to bring a spark of happiness, joy and passion for a cause, or just for a trend.

Starting off video challenges for your audience to indulge in, or simply just spectate is a great way to distract them from their daily life, while also establishing your brand’s presence even beyond your user-outreach.

2. Facebook

For quite a while already, Facebook has been encouraging users to take to using private Facebook groups.

A brand’s main Facebook page is ideal for the broadcasting information and posting public-intriguing content. On the other hand the private groups allow for you to create a focused, close community of your target audience. Here the people can share, discuss, and collaborate around mostly the topic of your products, services, PR etc. It also allows for you to directly consort with your existing and prospective clients, maybe even leveraging them to special benefits of being loyal customers.

It’s all about the relationship building.

3. Twitter

Anyone who thinks Twitter has already peaked, and sought to give up on it already is pretty much missing out on a huge deal of privilege granted through creating a positive impact on customers though wholesome engagement. Obviously as mentioned throughout this list, there are several ways to execute this relationship building, but Twitter’s iconic GIF conversations may be one of the most impactful ways of doing it.

Twitter is still a main channel for professional and legitimate customer service, customer feedback, and for ensuring satisfied customer retention.

It’s also perfect for reaching out to very specific and sometimes, small demographics that are almost impossible or unprofessional to reach to on other platforms, such as B2B audiences

Starting a GIF thread on Twitter can easily and rapidly gain you attention, thanks to users who reshare catchy content that resonates with them. It can be said that people appreciate a frictionless experience and interaction, which turns out to be important when you want your audience to engage with you. Hence the popularity of this trend.

4. Audiense.com

Formerly known as Socialbro.com, this application helps you discover, reach out to and connect with the right target audience that you may not have yet discovered through your own manual resources. It is a smart social intelligence app where you will find everything you need to understand people, and learn of their best and preferred engagement quality.

Audiense is an all-rounding tool and app that allows you to find the tweet your audience responds to the most


This application helps solve your problem when you feel like you have hit dead-end with the lack of feedback you are receiving from your customers.

The truth is there is no such thing as lack of feedback if you know how to extract it properly without burdening your customer. The only way to receive feedback from customers and viewers on social media is if you stand as an influencer for them. If you are not not already an influencer, the situation seems tough.

Trendspottr utilizes predictive and analytical intelligence to spot and predict trends, influencers and viral, popular content.

Think of it as Google Trends, but one that helps you with the customer engagement issue to a great extent.

6. Hootsuite.com

Hootsuite is an internationally recognized application for social media pages management. It allows for a variety of settings and features that support most social platforms.

It enables a brand to post and monitor their content and audience engagement on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. from one application.

The in-built analytics system allows for engagement readings and trends to go for an all time quality and quantity high.

A lot of well known brands have risen in the social and customer engagement department by using it. A credible example is that Orange provides personalized service for more than 230 million mobile customers.

7. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another great application and tool for marketers to get their hands on for their better use.

It is already a popular app among brands and helps with building authentic, long term and valuable relationships with existing, previous and prospective clients altogether on the brand’s socials.

This application lets you collaborate with team members, while managing your presence as a bound social team.


As always, customer engagement needs to be a top priority for all brands and businesses alike, even when it comes to expanding your analytics and social teams within your company. Working on this sector of your social image while spending valuable time and resources on it will not go into vain.