6 Ways How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business

Big or small. Legend or rookie. Old or new.

Every brand, business, and startup need a push. Every kind of push it can get.

How successful you plan on becoming reflects on how willing you are to avail every push possible.

And so here we are. At the epitome of 20th-century marketing pushes;

Social Media Marketing.

If you’re not already convinced to transition with most of your marketing ventures and expenses to social media, here are six reasons why it's time you reconsider, adapt, adjust, master, and succeed.

Your demographic lies here.

Let’s face it. It isn't 2008 anymore when the only kind of audience you would expect to find infesting the internet was MySpace highschool teens.

It has been over 10 years since the downfall of that edgy gruesome period of the Internet and Social Media. The world has moved way past that.

To a point where now it would be hard to find someone who is not an active part of the online community.

Most of your demographic, regardless of its type, is spending most of its time in the day on Social Media.

Around 84.5% of the population of Ireland, 90% of households in Europe tend to log onto their social media platforms quite often in a week.

And that is what gives you the best reason to adopt and diligently work on your Social Media Marketing situation.

It is assumed by experts that by 2025 the number of active users of Social Media will surpass 4 Billion people, a staggering count that is really hard to imagine.

Especially when it comes to seeing it as a prospective fruitful terrain to work on and immediately begin benefitting from.

The internet is a very fertile ground for marketing.

That is not a new fact. But Social Media marketing specifically gives online marketing a crown that has probably never been seen before.

It is not uncommon and new to grow overnight or in a short amount of time.

Just by the simple fact that not only does your marketing campaign and content end up on a huge demographic audience’s screen, including your target audience, but chances of pulling through the most number of viewers from your specific target audience is also no problem at all, provided that the marketing is done efficiently.

The best part?

Social media marketing allows for you as a small or big brand to engage with your viewers, get their feedback, create a more specific outline on their demands and come through with exactly what they want from you.

It helps you nurture brand loyalty among viewers

Creating and maintaining customer loyalty programs are not only just a huge side-hassle for a business that is relatively small for that kind of customer care service, it is also very costly.


Cultivating your relationships with your customers via Social Media is one efficient, fast, and cost-effective way to build and maintain customer loyalty

This strong bond and relationship that you will achieve with your audience is one major aspect that will set you apart from your competitors, both online and offline.

Customer loyalty really is one way to throw off your rival, and may even result in attracting a considerable chunk of their customer base.

It gives you new customer insights

Social Media Marketing gives you the edge if providing you with customer insights.

When you are able to see how your customers interact with your content, services, and product, you will not only be able to comprehend the reason behind their reactions but also be able to predict and get to know from them first-hand what they would want from your content, service, and product-wise.

You can target and retarget consumers

Even though Social media marketing seems like it requires quite a bit of investment, both in terms of finances, resources and time, it yields a lot more in comparison to organic offline marketing and advertising campaigns for the same amount of investing factors.

The best way and form to invest is using paid Social Media Ads, which use sophisticated consumer targeting strategies and capabilities.

Not only does it increase your consumer base, bringing back your prospective customers that you may have priorly lost due to less adept marketing campaigns along with a newer consumer base that would have never reached you and your content otherwise.

It is cost-effective

Compared to your traditional organic marketing and advertising campaigns, even without the organic customer loyalty-building programs, Social Media Advertising and marketing is insanely cost-effective.

For a marketer who knows the basics of it, and who fairly knows how-to guide and direct their brand by having set goals and expectations that need to be achieved.

This prevents the marketer and his brand from being excessively ripped off in terms of investments while also achieving enough to keep them thriving because of Social Marketing success.

Your competitor is on Social Media

Regardless of what industry you belong to, what kind, age and demographic your target audience, your rivals, and competitors are out there on Social Media, already building their customer base by doing exactly what you are missing out on doing by not making your existence in Social Media stand out.

It’s never too late to create and build upon your iconic presence here on the internet.

What sets you apart is your approach towards facilitating your customer, and your brand identity when it comes to your service and product.

Shamelessly brand yourself till you carve out an identity niche that it a 100% true to you, iconic and unique

The Internet and Social Media is your oyster, so make sure you start building your empire starting today!